Dirty South West

Dirty South



8-10 April 2022

Will you look here. The Dirty South just reunited with his long lost bro.

West went for a bicycle ride in the Swartland years ago and never returned, until now.
Rumour has it he found an oasis somewhere between Riebeek Kasteel and Piketberg Pass and has been spending his days there.
Well now he’s back with a brand new race and brand new routes. A fully supported 3 day gravel and mtb race that won’t empty the piggy bank but is designed to fill your fun tank, Frank.

Riebeek Kasteel to Club Elani on day 1. Bo Piketberg loop on day 2 and Club Elani to Riebeek Kasteel on day 3.
Tented accoms, comfy beds, fully stocked bar and a chef who doesn’t understand the words “Please Sir, can I have no more”

This is the race for the Explorers.
The rebels, the ruffians and the refined.
You race, we’ll do the rest.
This is The Dirty South – West.

West is Best.

Day 1: Riebeek Kasteel to Club Elani Northern Route

8 April 2022 – 74km

9:00 Stage Start Riebeek Kasteel.
 (Secret Venue to be announced the day before the start!)

13:00 Stage Finish Club Elani Misverstand Dam.
13:30 Lunch on the deck.
14:30 Swim, ski, sleep, beer.. whichever you prefer!
18:00 Drinks and Dinner

Day 2: Bo Piketberg loop

9 April 2022 – 80km

09:00 Stage Start Club Elani.
12:00 Stage Finish Club Elani.
12:30 Lunch on the deck.
13:30 More beer and chilled vibes.
18:00 Dinner followed by the best Reggae Party
  of your life, and really bad dancing!

Day 3: Club Elani to Riebeek Kasteel Southern Route

10 April 2022 – 64km

· 09:00 Stage Start Club Elani
· 12:00 Stage Finish Riebeek Kasteel high up in the clouds!
· 12:30 Lunch with a view.
· 13:00 Prize Giving.

Standard Tent entry R4500pp

Luxury Tents
Shared R5500pp
Single R5900pp

Cottage R6500pp

All meals included